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Silent DJ is a unique way of experiencing music! You will wear wireless headphones and a silent atmosphere instantly transforms into a high energy musical performance.

Instead of using a traditional sound system to play music on the dance floor, each guest will wear “Silent DJ” WIRELESS HEADPHONES.

The music plays, but the sound is delivered live to everyone's headphones instead of a speaker system, giving all the ability to adjust and even mute the volume to suit your needs.

EVERYONE is suddenly grooving, dancing, laughing and singing badly!

Each headset has three separate channels...each playing different types of music…simultaneously!

You can even SWITCH BETWEEN THE DJ'S at any time at the touch of a button…the headsets light up RED, GREEN, or BLUE depending on which DJ you’re currently rocking out to!

You can also use these headphones for backyard movies, car rides, classrooms, tour guides, and more.

Here's What International DJ Brian S. Redd Has To Say


Quality Audio

Experience excellent sound with dynamic dual speakers.

Premium Comfort

Adjustable headband and soft cushions provides maximum comfort.

Long Range Signal

Party long distance with up to 1,500 feet audio signal. 

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